18th Century American Historical Fiction

The Mathews Family

From their beginnings in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, their lives have been intertwined with American history. As a young child, Increase Mathews witnesses the birth of the United States. Along with his mother and siblings, he remains on the farm while their older male relatives join the ranks of the Continental Army. After the Revolutionary War ends, social and political unrest continues throughout central Massachusetts during Shays’s Rebellion. With the opening of the Northwest Territory, his uncle Brigadier-General Rufus Putnam, brother-in-law Captain Jonathan Stone, and older brother John Mathews are among the first 48 men to settle in Ohio in 1788. This historical novel includes transcripts of actual letters written between family members and Mathews/Matthews genealogical records.

This 18th century American historical fiction is available for Kindle and as a paperback.

The Mathews Family book cover

in the works


I’m working on the sequel but am unsure of the title right now. It may be called Dr. Increase Mathews.

Mathews Family Saga Continues

Book 2 will cover Dr. Increase’s journey from Massachusetts to Ohio which he started in June 1798. Will Mr. Willis allow him to marry Abigail? Does he settle in Ohio? These and many more questions will be answered in my next 19th century American historical fiction.

Dr. Increase Mathews House Museum
Dr. Increase Mathews House Museum